Our vision is a vibrant community where LGBTQ leaders are a significant catalyst for strengthening the economy of the capital region.

Our mission is to connect and create LGBTQ leaders in the capital region.  We do this through

  •        Professional development
  •        Corporate and community outreach
  •        Networking
  •        Mentoring programs

OPEN Values

  • The LGBTQ community has worked hard to be visible.  Members of our community have sacrificed much in order to celebrate their true selves.  We will honor these efforts by conducting our affairs with honesty and authenticity.

  • We believe in the potential of our community's contributions.  We will honor our capacity by bringing forth positive and creative solutions. 

  • We have many miles to go before we reach equality.  We will honor this challenge by being passionate and purposeful, always forward moving.

Upcoming events

08 Oct 2015 5:30 PM • Madison Museum of Contemporary Art | Main Lobby | 227 State St, Madison, WI 53703
05 Nov 2015 5:30 PM • HotelRED | 1501 Monroe Street
17 Dec 2015 6:30 PM • Century House Showroom | 3420 University Avenue Madison, WI 53705

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